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We have specialized in Criminal Defense and Traffic Law

Our firm was established in Heidelberg in 1981. To better serve our clients, we expanded our offices to Karlsruhe in 1998 and Koblenz in 2002.
Our firm specializes in criminal defense. Although attorney certification did not become necessary until the mid-1990’s in Germany, our firm implemented the idea over twenty years ago. All partners are certified in criminal defense and our younger associates obtain certification shortly after joining the firm. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing clients with timely and reliable service.

Olivo & Kirsch Fachanwälte in Karlsruhe

Sophienstraße 114A, 76135 Karlsruhe

0721 / 964710
0721 / 9647111
Standort Karlsruhe

Olivo & Kirsch Fachanwälte in Plankstadt

Eppelheimer Str. 25, 68723 Plankstadt

06202 / 5789965
06202 / 5789966
Standort Plankstadt

Olivo & Kirsch Fachanwälte in Stuttgart

Werastraße 22, 70182 Stuttgart

0711 / 460 587 32
0711 / 460 587 329
Standort Stuttgart

Certified Attorneys in Criminal Defense

Our firm focuses on team work. In complex proceedings we create teams thereby ensuring sufficient resources for every case. Additionally, we work closely with our client’s attorneys specialized in family and corporate law. These attorneys are responsible for all civil litigation and consultation for our clients affirming the best representation for our clients. Experts in national and international law , as well as non-judicial experts (Physicians, Psychologists, Architects, Engineers, etc.), are consulted when necessary.

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